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PlantaSaurus - $30

The Herbivore Dinosaur


Geometric Terrarium DIY Kit - $45

Assemble your very own modern Geometric Terrarium


Live Moss Terrarium Necklace - $25

Handcrafted Plant Necklace


Edison's GRDN - $30


Devil's Ivy Water Terrarium

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Herbivore Shirt - $21

Herbivore Woman's Tee - Cropped Top
Fine Jersey Short Sleeve Cropped T-Shirt w/ Herbivore Label
Available Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large


God's Creation

I believe humanity has learned so much from observing the phenomenon of nature. The simplicities and the complexities of plants are an absolute wonder - the physiology that sustains the life of a plant and their vital contribution to humanity, which sustains us. Their uniquely detailed designs that decorate the earth and their graceful presence that is all too familiar to the human eye. Humans are a wonder as well, at times we can become self-preoccupied, sometimes unable to recognize that we exist for a purpose greater than ourselves. For me, plants innately understand that they are just a small part of the forest in which they lay. Just as ants in a grand colony and humans in this world. The big picture begins to unveil when I ponder the intricacies of nature.