A Successful Game-Plan to Going Vegan!


3 Essential Pointers on Going Vegan - For Life


There's no doubt that veganism -  especially in the Western World - is on the come up!  It's been all the hype these days by changing the game in the environment, health-care and meat industry. Even so, most Westerners are interested in forsaking The American Diet in exchange for a plant-based diet, which can lead to an increase in quality of life. Thankfully, with the help of research, word-of-mouth and the inters-of-net, a burst of recognition along with disdain is being brought to The Western Diet and the associated preventable ailments that antagonize the American people: heart disease, diabetes and obesity.  And when veganism is done right, it has the ability to work in tandem with the human body, through advanced health benefits and disease prevention. 


So, if you're wanting to transition into a vegan diet (for all of its glory), but unsure of how to approach it, look no further! This article is a comprehensive guide! It provides you with 3 healthful tips & tricks to make your transition to veganism more realisticattainable and seamless as possible! 



Find YOUR Why


There are many reasons why people decide to go vegan, discovering just that is vital to the longevity and success of your journey. Below are a few common WHY'S for people who decide to go vegan. You may find these helpful to your start.



Eating a plant-based diet definitely has its benefits, especially, if you're looking to shed some extra pounds, boost energy levels, and/or restore your body via a more naturopathic approach. The body is a complete wonder and has a skillful way of healing itself, if in most cases, it's being treated properly. With that in mind, disease and all of its wrath, is primarily indicative of the body retaliating and seeking to purge itself of foreign invaders in order to reclaim homeostatic balance. And, we all know that a history of bad eating habits increases the risks of illness - unless you have anomalous genetics. But, let's consider that the body wasn't designed to live forever; and it's still in our best interest to steward it well so that a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle can be attained. Going plant-based has its perks! 

The Western Diet provides momentary satisfaction and longterm misery.

Environmentally SelfLess 

Research suggests that going vegan not only benefits human health, but also our lovely green Earth by protecting our soil, conserving water, saving energy, reducing the carbon footprint, as well as combatting world hunger. A vegan lifestyle has the ability to bring about a more sustainable planet for our future generations.  This is definitely an act of altruism!



If you're like most, you like to finish what you start. But, in order to achieve that, you've got to have a well thought out plan and a pinch of Bruce Lee's self-discipline. So, get aquatinted with scheduling your meals, compiling weekly grocery lists, saying, "NO", to the forbidden cravings, and creating good habits; since we are creatures of habit. This virtue leads many to success!



Animal Cruelty

Whether you're a downright PETA advocate or you simply don't like when the Food Industry tampers with your food, going vegan has a way of  benefiting us all. It not only boycotts brutal factory farming techniques, but limits the amount of scary chemicals from entering your body. So, whatever personal convictions you may subscribe to, saying no-to-meat can reduce inhumane animal torture as well as benefit your health. 



Select The Kind of Vegan You Aim To Be



You've Got Options

There are a plethora of vegan titles to subscribe to. This list may come in the clutch for those beginning their vegan journey. Most may find it helpful to choose a liberal approach while in the early stages of transition. And on the other-hand, some prefer the cold-turkey method. Nevertheless, you have the choice to tailor your vegan diet based on your personal convictions.

Below are a few options that may help with your gradual transition to veganism:

  • Dietary Vegan - Focused on omitting meat, egg and dairy consumption. 

  • Ethical Vegan -  Eats a vegan diet and avoids animal products, such as leather & honey.

  • Green Vegan - Interested in reducing their carbon footprint. 

  • Raw Vegan - Strictly plant-based vegan that consumes foods that hasn't been cooked over 105 - 115 F.

  • Plant-Based Vegan - No meat, eggs, or dairy and especially avoids processed foods.  

  • VB6 - Eats a strict vegan diet before 6 pm - eats liberal after hours. 

  • Paris Vegan - Eats a vegan diet daily, but is liberal when dinning with friends and family. 

  • Weekday / Weekend Vegan - Chooses certain days to eat vegan. 

  • Virtually Vegan - Eats no meat and avoids eggs and dairy products as much as possible. 

  • Travel Vegan - Eats a vegan diet daily, however, when traveling is liberal and experiments with local cuisine.



Have a SoliD




Pace Yourself

Establishing your own pace is necessary in any race, specially if you're looking to win! If you're interested in a gradual transition, try omitting meat and dairy products and implementing more fruits & veggies, month-by-month or by each quarter of the year. And if you're 'bout that life, the cold-turkey method may be your best option!


Tip: Eat whole-foods, not too much, and mostly vegetables!


Eat A Balanced Diet

Create a nourishing diet plan that is well balanced and that factors in all of the nutrients the body needs to sustain itself. You may discover that your body needs more of one nutrient than another, based on genetics, rate of absorption, environmental factors, etc. For myself, I have to put in extra work in order to attain recommended levels of vitamin B12.

I’ve learned that there is much discipline associated with the art of healthy dieting. It’s not always about omitting the “bad” but, actively implementing the “good”. It takes a bit of strategy and discipline to become a well nourished vegan. It's best to consult your Primary Physician regarding your healthcare, they are able to provide you with blood-work (a.k.a your bodies miniature report card) and science based practice. 

Tips: Eat foods that will eventually rot. If it came from a plant eat it. If it was made in a plant, avoid it. Eat your colors - a variety of plants, and don’t eat too much (carbs) food.


Meal Plan

Meal prep can go a long way by saving you time, mental energy, and money! This is the modern-day "struggle" for most millennials; but no matter how daunting it may seem, it can be done, if you're committed to a fruitful lifestyle. I have found that collecting simple recipes, aggressively cleaning out the kitchen (of possible food threats), and identifying the "trouble areas": sugars, carbs, meats, fried foods, and so on, has helped me tremendously! No one knows you like you do, so do some introspective digging, house-hold cleaning, and set those necessary boundaries for success.

GRDN Food Services creates personalized meal-plans for clients based on preferred nutrition & dieting goals. If you're looking for a place to start, click the link & check it out!

Tip: Don’t limit your diet to white flour and potatoes, the plant kingdom is very rich in textures, flavors, colors - so be compelled to eat a rich variety of plant-based foods.


Self Educate - On Rotate 

Never stop learning. The body is composed of ever-changing organ systems that constantly evolve, which makes self-education a lifetime task. So, get familiar with interviewing your Physician, Nutritionist, Dietitian, doing your own research on nutrition & vegan dieting, avid food-label reading and other inquisitive tasks! Plus, self education is a fun and empowering thing to do!


Tip: Beware of  vegan “edible” food-like substances - processed foods. The healthiest foods at the grocery stores are in the produce section, do most of your shopping there.  Processed foods are fun to eat once in a while, but they shouldn’t be a daily fare. 

I think it's about time to wrap it up. You have all tips & tricks you need to conquer your vegan journey. Remember, most things that are worth gaining, aren't always easy, but when achieved, they are the sweetest of things! Enjoy this process of growth and education. Make the most of it and don't be too hard on yourself!


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Stay Healthy, Stay Curious & Stay Committed

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